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Maine Coon Cattery - Indonesia (CFA Registered # 218068)



"We are a small Maine Coon cattery. We give priority to the Quality of our cats.

We treat them not just as an animal, but as our pets, our family, and our child."

        Hello Maine Coon Lovers,

I Fall in Love with Maine Coon since I saw them on Cat Show in 2007,

I am so impress with their Tabby Marking of Maine Coon cats. And then I adopt a Male Giant and gentle of Maine Coon cats named “Alwaro Bennet”. He was born from Alwaro Cattery one famous cattery in Poland. Please see their website on Alwaro Cattery

I decide to build a Maine Coon cattery in Indonesia, named Tirtham Cattery.

We are small cattery which located in east Jakarta, Indonesia. We love cats, whatever its breed. But we focusing on breeding Maine Coon in Indonesia, one of our favorites breed.

After that, I also adopt an older pretty female Maine Coon named "Bonfire Hallo Weeny". Weeny came from a famous cattery in Germany,  Bonfires Cattery. And she's Tica Champion 2004 At German Cat Show. Please see her awards on Weeny's Awards

A months later, we have a new family member. Love Hulen's Dukati and Love Hulen's Aprilia, they came from a famous cattery in Denmark, Lovehulen Cattery.

Please see their website on Lovehulen Cattery And they will be a parent of our kitten.

Then more year's later, we adopt two beautifull girl from Lovehulen Cattery again.

Love Hulen's Sweet Molly Brown and Love Hulen's Melrose

they came from really different blood line from our previous maine coon

All of them bring a lot of happiness for us, Tirtham's Family in Indonesia. I hope with this breed that we try to develop in our country, it will make more cat variations for Indonesian cat lover.

I will be appreciating if you could sign our Guest Book

for our feedback and future improvement.

Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy your visit to our web. If you need more information,

Please contact us:

Tirtham Cattery

Maine Coon Cattery - East Jakarta - Indonesia


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